Working With Couples

Is Marriage Counselling for me?​

Do you and your partner have the relationship you really want? Most of us live in ambivalent relationships, not bad, but not great either. Your relationship could be the source of the greatest joy and support in your life. If it’s not maybe I can be of help?
Couples counselling doesn’t have to be just for couples in crisis. Think of me as your personal relationship coach.

How can you help my relationship?

I can help you develop your relationship in a number of ways. I often start with some practical exercises to help you:

  • Set limits on conflict and develop rules for fair fighting. I can help you turn your differences into an opportunity for greater understanding
  • Help you understand why your efforts may not be appreciated by your partner and vice versa
  • Learn new communication skills that help you develop greater understanding and intimacy

I see relational problems as essentially co-created. This means that it will take change by both of you to create new solutions for your relationship.

How long does it take?

This really depends on what you bring to therapy. Many couples simply struggle to manage the changing stresses on the relationship as it develops over time. Learning some simple skills can empower you to make changes for yourself. In this case, many couples respond within 6-8 sessions.
For others change may be more difficult. Perhaps you bring certain stuck ways of behaving that are influenced by your childhood or previous relationships. In this case, you may need ongoing couples therapy, perhaps mixed with some individual work.

How much does it cost?

Couples Counselling is £55 per hour and normally takes anywhere between 8-12 sessions. There is an initial assessment that costs £30 and will take 1 hr. If you need further sessions this can be arranged.